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Daytonas |  Members Craig, Adrian, Ali, & Edd welcome you to our world. We are an original rock band that loves playing their own songs. We really appreciate the opportunity to showcase our music, and hope you enjoy what we do. |  This is just one of the many ways to keep in contact with us.   www.thedaytonas.wordpress.com ... Our EP is available on www.soundcloud.com/the-daytonas   bookingthedaytonas@gmail.com

Chess is an artist, a songwriter, dancer, and top-line melody writer. Growing up in Malta, she ...began learning piano and music theory at aged 5 and was surrounded by classical music and Queen records. She has developed a 4 octave vocal range. |  The 90's pop explosion sparked her love for pop music and a little later on, she discovered EDM. Chess studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK and since then she has solely managed to gain radio airplay in 3 countries including Australia, Malta and the UK. Not forgetting to mention a number 1 in the Maltese radio charts, 'Stilettos'. |  She has also been busy with TV and radio appearances as well as featuring in some influential magazines both printed and online. Some to mention are: Creation 5, After Nyne and Times of Malta. | 
Chess also works collaboratively with DJ's and artists from all over the world, including a Ministry of Sound DJ, Xenia Ghali, and recently well-known DJ Dario Synth. Chess has released 2 EP's - Babygirl and Tuxedo - and both projects were the result of 2 successful kickstarter campaigns where she received donations from all over the world. Her 2nd EP Tuxedo, managed to get her radio airplay on BBC Introducing, where the single Vanity was described as 'a cracker of a tune!!!' by the presenter. Her tracks have also been featured on Best of British Unsigned podcast. |  Chess performed these EP's at the Bedford, Balham and many other significant places in London such as The Luxe and The Old Queens Head, Islington and festivals around the UK. Other big performances include Bay Music Awards, which had an audience of 4,000, and The Farson's Beer Festival, which had an audience of 2,000. |  Chess has just been nominated for Best Solo Artist in Malta at the Malta Music awards.

1 in Five  | is one of the most talked about rising rock bands in the UK, drawing on a wide range of classic and contemporary influences including The Doors, Rival Sons, Deep Purple, Slash, Pink Floyd, and Clutch.  
THE DEAD REDS | The Toughest-sounding thing to rock out of Brighton since Pinkie Brown started throwing his weight around, The Dead Reds are the Squad behind this Blast of harp-fuelled British R&B. There's a definite Touch of 70's Dr Feelgood in the Guitars, Gob iorn and vocals here, Which is a major compliment as not many have come close to that bands's intensity and genius , If anyone can get there, it's surely THE DEAD REDS..... http://www.thedeadreds.com/

DYLAN T ROCKS | All the while there's fire in the sky. All the while molten rock spews forth from the mountain. While the shriek of a banshee's cry can chill the bones of a drunken sailor - there will be DYLAN T ROCKS. https://www.dylantrocks.com/bio

Teddy Matthews

is a guitarist and singer/song writer from Worcestershire. With his recently released singles ‘LOVE’ & ‘WORRY’ it would seem Teddy has slipped under our musical radar. Within the last month he’s been aired on BBC introducing, gigged at some of our local music festivals. As well as finding time to film a music video and putting together and rehearsing with a live 4 piece band to take on the road. 

Drawing inspiration from acts like Alt J, Ben Howard and Bon Iver. He’s been Busy recording and writing since the beginning of this year. Teddy decided to take his songs along to Magic Garden Recording Studio, and with some help from Gavin Monaghan, the results were some hook laden acoustic guitar tracks with the focus on Teddy’s distinct gritty vocals. After laying down drums and bass to accompany Teddy in the studio, the finished tracks inspired him to start searching for some like minded musicians himself to form a band to perform the songs live.

The track ‘LOVE’ was released in September along side a music video by Stourbridge based production company Mocking Bird Studio. The tracks melancholy howling opening vocals build into a stomping chorus with a gritty edge akin to some early blues track. Teddy’s sound combines the grit and edge of the blues with vocal melodies normally associated with folk and pop music. His debut songs have certainly drawn some attention. 
So whats next for Teddy Mathews? some live shows and gigs hopefully with a full band and more releases.
Single LOVE by Teddy Matthews is available on iTunes Now

40 Shillings on the Drum...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TNvIFP4ijU /  https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EE_6rXV2y8
Facebook: facebook.com/40shillingsonthedrum  /  Twitter: @40shillings /  Instagram: instagram.com/40shillingsonthedrum  /  Official Website: 40shillingsonthedrum.uk


Have played 69X events, I'm totally stoked this is pure genius in every form!

Describing themselves as "The XX & Daughter making love to a Lexicon reverb while playing acoustic guitar" Boxtape fuse the serious and silly, the alluring and the aggressive to bring forth lush space filled indie folk theater.
 Boxtape are an indie guitar duo from the sleepy leafy town of Horsham, Sussex. They launched their first YouTube series which focuses on live studio performances in autumn... of 2016 as well releasing their debut single "Fancy Objects" in December of that year. Created in 2016 by Melody Girl and Circuit Boy (aka Kat Ward & Kieren Johnstone) these two have been an abundant songwriting duo for the last 12 years. Taking everything they’ve learned and condensing it down to a stripped-back potent form, Boxtape will take you distances

Facebook - http://facebook.com/boxtapeband Twitter - http://twitter.com/boxtapeband
Instagram - http://instagram.com/boxtapeband 

I IN 5

1 in Five is a Hard Rock Blues band from Brighton UK, playing straight up rock n roll with a melodic rhythm section, rippin’ guitars, and powerful vocals


Rob Hall - Guitars, Vocs Kane Chandler - Bass, Vocs  Gaz Siggins - Drums, Vocs


Yeah! are looking forward to performing at upcoming 69x events & our first radio play at hospital-radio-crawley! Excited much🙌

YEAH! is the genre-busting Brighton, UK-based band, founded in January 2016 by singer Vincent Adeniyi, and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist (and producer) christopher rye. The current line-up includes Jack Cleary (guitar and keyboards), Gilbert Jag (bass and guitar), and Nathan Lornie (drums).  Yeah! blends rock, soul, pop, afrobeat, dance, electronics, jazz, and more, to create a melodic, spacey, beat-driven sound that smashes together the Nigerian heritage of Adeniyi with the English alt rock and electronica worlds of Brighton's Christopher rye. https://www.facebook.com/YeahTheBand/about/



A Metal band from the south east of England with influences from bands like Metallica, Alter Bridge, Stone Sour. Debut EP coming soon!

 Emnibis’ journey has been one filled with trials and tribulations, leading them to be the four-piece alt-rock/pop-punk band they are today. Hailing from the darker depths of Surrey, Casey Newman, Sam Cowlam together with newest members Elliott Davis and Matt Clark have just released their most exciting single yet. All ages between 19 and 22 they may seem fresh on the scen...e, but this band have been best friends and gigging together for years. Formed in 2012, Emnibis have been a solid cog in the pop-punk machine in Surrey for almost four years, with the founding members of the band playing together for almost eight. The four-piece have a list of influences, from Blink-182 to Alkaline Trio, Lower Than Atlantis to All Time Low. Their sound reflects this, but as with so many bands in the genre Emnibis have something ear-catching and slightly unexpected to bring to the table, to set them apart from those in the scene. Bassist Sam Cowlam said of their sound: “I like to think that, even though we are pop-punk in our style, we bring something slightly different to the table with a sound similar to that of current UK rock bands with heavier guitars.”. Their process begins with lead singer Casey Newman, who writes the lyrics, then is put out to the rest of the band for creative criticism and hard graft to make the finished piece. Emnibis’ three releases have been met with high praise, the first being their five song eponymous EP released in March 2014. The first song ‘Trapped’ is striking and fast, with crunchy verses and a chorus that begs to be belted at full volume, and penultimate track ‘Nightmare’ has a true 90s pop-punk feel. Single ‘Origami Heart’ released in February of 2015 boasts a more mature sound with solid vocals and remarkable production, and most recent track ‘Breakthrough’ is lyrically impressive. The band shared a stage at Guilfest 2014 with the likes of Gnarwolves, Gallows and The Blackout. Their first major festival, they were second up on the Sunday on The Big Cheese Cave stage. Their live show is explosive, ramping up the energy that is so evident on record. While previously searching for a new drummer, the band spent some time working on their acoustic sessions. Their alt-rock style lends itself unexpectedly to the fragility of playing without amplification, and intensifies the vocals on a more intimate and personal level. In 2016, Emnibis approached Ben Sansom of Lower Than Atlantis, one of the band’s key influences, to produce their new single. This opportunity has come at a time when the band are just beginning to make a name for themselves within the scene, and have a real sense of moving on towards bigger and better things. With two singles and an EP under their belt, the band are going into studio time with some experience and a big name behind them; all feedback coming from recent sessions being positive it seems as though the only way is up from here.
Written by Maddy Hardman


Comprising of 3 rag tag musicians, from the South East, Ragweed are best described as a riff punk trio. But don't go running away with the idea that this band is simply about making a messy racket. These boys know how to write a tune and are all to eager to prove it to you. With 8 self booked tours under their belts and having shared stages with some the latest up and coming bands including; 68, The Xcerts, Demob Happy, Tiger Cub, The Hyena Kill, Axis Of and USA Nails, Ragweed have a reputation for putting on an impressive live show for a reason. 2016 saw the long awaited release of their debut AA Single 'Rust Box/Up & Under' on Milky Bomb Records. Receiving mutual parse from Radio Stations and blogs alike. 

With their second single set for a release in April 2017, be sure to check out the question no one wants to ask; RAGWEED 

In true form I cannot be the gaffer of 69X without showcasing my own band....:)


Nemesis recently rebranded are about to embark on a new and exciting chapter with a brand new set and brand new guitarist. They have loads of Gigs booked to include Supporting the 69Xmas Tour, a biker festival in March 2017 and a Tour of Germany in April 2017




These guys rock and will be Playing on 69Xmas Tour Headlining the Star 10th December Haywards Heath


Dannydangerously is a unique fusion of funk, rap, rock and parody aka a bloody brilliant listen. With a British edge to his... voice and some immensely catchy grooves,
a refreshingly working class lyrical perspective. It’s like Ian Dury and Chic had a baby which then grew up listening to grunge ... 


The Logical Hairs

A five piece humourous, comical, foot stomping, quirky trio. Almost guaranteed to keep any audience vaguely interested



Mike Reinstein

 is a performer, singer and songwriter. His debut album, More To Be Revealed was released on May 11th 2011. He is also an acclaimed composer of children’s songs, a music teacher and workshop leader in primary and special schools.

"Mike’s songs are brilliantly crafted…they are insightful, sometimes sad but always thought-provoking." Hove Folk Review Club  http://www.mikereinstein.co.uk/

Ian Roland Singer-songwriter. 12 string guitars, mandolin. Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Americana (folk, country, blues, rock & roll mix) Ian Roland’s new album, ‘Suitcasea live collection’, released 1st July 2016, includes new tracks as well as re-workings of tracks from the December 2013 debut ‘Helicopter EP’, and is Representative of Ian’s live performances as a duo, with fiddle player and vocalist, Simon Yapp. The album is available to download from  https://ianroland.bandcamp.com/album/suitcase-a-live-collection http://ianroland.com/


Rap Rock with a scintilla of Funk, gritty lyrics and energetic live shows, The Wax Lyrical Sound are on the cutting edge of a new sound out of the Midlands
Recently the TWLS track DANCING WITH THE DRAGON showcased on BBC Introducing  


MAILMAN is the solo project of UK based producer and singer-songwriter Jamie Stanley (aka: Stan).
Here you can stream or buy the first full album 'No News Is Good News' plus the EP's 'Long Walk Home' and 'The Karma Sessions: Vol. 1 & 2'.
A second full album is currently in production for an expected 2016/17 release. http://www.mailmanstan.co.uk/

Rhiannon Trubadour Daniel

Rock ballads about relationships.
Music, lyrics & vocals: Rhiannon Trubadour

Drums & Percussion: Ray Elgy & Rhiannon Trubadour
Guitars & Bass: Aldo Daniel
Production: Dave Barnard & Aldo Daniel